Why Study at ACET

There are many reasons why people choose to study English. Whether you want to learn for travel, to enhance your career or work life, for further study or just for fun, we can help you learn quickly and effectively!

Over 49 years’ experience teaching English

An international reputation for high quality teaching

Flexible programmes designed for a range of ages, abilities, and objectives

A personal learning experience, with a focus on you and your needs

Exciting, fast-paced, and learner-centred lessons

Modern teaching centre offering the latest resources

The ACET Promise: Our Mission Statement

ACET’s main objectives are to provide English Language Training to a level above International Standards in a positive and inclusive client-centred environment, with a range of support services to enable clients to improve the English and enjoy their stay in Ireland.


Quality is at the very centre of ACET’s mission statement. We are members of IALC and Select Ireland and are accredited by EAQUALS.  

ACET is recognised by Quality and Qualifications Ireland for English Language Teaching.

We are recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland,
for English Language Teaching (ELT)

We have been an Accredited Member of EAQUALS since 2003. Inspections take place every three years and accredited membership is awarded after the school demonstrates that all requirements of the EAQUALS Charter are respected. We received the following comments after our most recent inspection:

ACET was inspected by EAQUALS in November 2021 and met the high standards required for EAQUALS accreditation. The teaching, the course programmes, as well as the course organisation, the learning resources, testing and evaluation were all judged to be of high quality.  It was found that the institution takes great care to protect the welfare of its clients and staff, and all publicity materials produced by the institution are accurate and truthful. 

The EAQUALS inspector identified points of excellence in the following categories:
Management and Administration
Management and Administration is an area of excellence because                                                                                                                         

  • there is evidence of particularly well-planned and organised management of change, and a readiness to innovate
  • there is a comprehensive risk register which is regularly maintained and updated
  • regular reviews inform strategic and business planning as evidenced in the detailed Quality Planning document
  • the Centre has a very inclusive approach to human resources management which actively encourages engagement by staff and promotes initiative and involvement, as indicated in the Vision Statement, in the Teaching Team Handbook, and confirmed by staff interviewed
  • staff show exceptional attention to details and provide personal service in a way that contributes considerably to the smooth running of the Centre

Course Design and Supporting Systems
Course Design and Supporting Systems are excellent because

  • there is detailed reference to the CEFR both in the planning and implementation of course programmes in such a way as to have a real influence on setting clear learning objectives as well as on teaching and learning.
  • taken together, the ACET curriculum and Syllabus and the ACET course and LEVELS documents offer outstandingly clear descriptions and rationales for the design of course programmes and selection of learning objectives; the programmes and schemes of work combine coherence with flexibility to encourage teachers’ creativity and initiative, to a degree rarely encountered
  • the development of learner autonomy is explicitly part of the pedagogy included in the course programmes
  • the weekly tutorial meetings offer a regular and much appreciated opportunity to review course programmes and respond to the changing needs of students
  • the inclusion of a needs analysis in the induction of each student, combined with the weekly Scheme of Work, enables exceptionally close attention to be paid to individual needs, while maintaining a focus on learning outcomes for the class as a whole. 

Communication with Staff
Communication with Staff is an area of excellence because there is an exceptionally effective mix and level of formal and informal communciation between staff at all levels with evidence of problems being raised and addressed as well as achievement recognised and celebrated.  There are constant informal opportunites for all staff to contribute their opinions and ideas for the developement and operation of the Centre.

Communication with Students and Clients
Communication with Students and Clients is excellent because the website, Partner Handbook, Student Handbook and noticeborads are exceptionally attractive, well maintained and easy to read as well as offering comprehensive and accurate information about the Centre.  Particularly wide use is made of social media accounts and inspection of these indicated frequent interaction with the clients.

Academic Resources
Academic resources are excellent as the centre has a very wide collection of material for both staff and students to use and in-house material is being constantly monitored and added to.

Student Services
Student Services are excellent because the exceptional overall attention to detail, the genuine concern for individuals and their needs, the transparency of the organisation’s systems all contribute to a culture of excellence in service to clients.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is an area of excellence because there is a broad range of quality assurance procedures throughout the Centre, and a comprehensive quality enhancement plan, as evidenced by the Quality Plan seen in the Management Framework Document.  All staff displayed an exceptional level of commitment to improving quality across all services.

Learning Environment
The learning Environment is excellent because there is particular attention paid to the health and safety of students and staff, with careful frequent attention to procedures, facilities and equipment, and training. The Centre has prioritised effective measures to manage its premises and resources in an environmentally-friendly manner including the provision of recycling facilities and strictly limited photocopying. 

IALC, International Association of Language Centres
We are the only Cork member of IALC and are inspected every four years to guarantee that the IALC standards, code of ethics, and philosophy of continued improvement is upheld. Our CEO, Odile Migieu, was President of IALC from 2002 until 2005.

We received the following comments after our most recent inspection, in November 2019:

“ACET is close-knit team led by a dynamic managing director runs the school smoothly and efficiently. Student administration is well managed overall. Employment records are meticulously maintained. The academic management of the school is of a high standard. Teachers are suitably qualified and have access to a wide range of course books and appropriate supplementary materials. Teaching resources are well organised and readily available. There is good monitoring of student progress. Teachers are well supported and effectively monitored by an experienced and committed academic manager. “

Summary of Audit

  • The school has a clear and consistent commitment to quality assurance.
  • The premises, facilities and resources are of a high standard.
  • The school is managed smoothly and efficiently.
  • Academic management, course planning, support for teachers and quality of teaching are all of a high standard.
  • Students are well supported by caring staff. They benefit from a varied social programme and a well-managed accommodation service.

MEI, Marketing English in Ireland 
MEI is an association of recognised English language schools in Ireland. All members are accredited by the Irish Department of Education & Skills.

MEI organises several workshops and familiarisation trips in Ireland each year.

Select Ireland is  a group of well established and vastly experienced independent English Language Schools located in Ireland. Each member has a reputation in the market for quality and personal service.

High standards, professionalism, innovation, reliability and honesty are among the main characteristics of Select Ireland Language Schools. Our schools offer quality programs in iconic locations and, above all, a guaranteed valuable and memorable student experience. We are experienced schools you can trust; as we have consistently proven over the years.

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) is an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. It was established in 2012 by the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012. Among its responsibilities are the approval and regulation of English Language Teaching programmes. 

The Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland (AGPI) was set up in January 2016 by a group of accredited Irish education providers who identified the need to regulate the placement and guardianship of international students, under the age of 18, in Irish secondary schools. Facilitated and documented by the Irish children’s charity Barnardos in 2017, the AGPI’s Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), is designed to benefit all Guardianship Providers in Ireland, by:

  • developing a shared understanding of what constitutes a quality service, through the provision of an explicit language for quality which has been designed to enhance partnership working;
  • providing a benchmark for member organisations to assess the quality of service provision and;
  • supporting member organisations to identify areas of improvement and inform planning.


ACET is a member of the AGPI group.


The All-Ireland Business Foundation exists to promote meritocracy and encourage businesses to aspire to reach the highest level.

The Foundation is responsible for identifying and accrediting best-in-class Irish businesses, overseeing the All-Ireland Business Accreditations, Summit and promoting peer dialogue among members.

The Foundation offers accredited businesses with opportunities to engage in peer-dialogue, collaboration and support to each other. It allows them to attain and, most importantly, maintain the highest verified standards for the benefit of both businesses and consumers.

The Foundation promotes its accredited businesses to Irish consumers, giving them confidence and reassurance when making their purchasing decisions.

ACET is delighted to announce that we have achieved Business All-Star Accreditation for the fourth consecutive year.  We have achieved this prestigious accolade in recognition of our ‘outstanding contribution’ to quality and standards in the education sector.

ALTO is the only premium forum joining leading language travel agents, schools, and national associations as one global community. Membership is open to businesses, associations and the leaders of those organisations involved in language and/or educational travel.

Cambridge Assessment English
We are an authorised open testing centre for the Cambridge suite of examinations, including: Key (KET), Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET), Cambridge English: First (FCE), Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE). We run three long-term KET, PET, FCE, CAE, & CPE examination preparation courses, and several acclerated preparation courses.

We are a LanguageCert approved test centre. We offer to students of all ages the opportunity to acquire the in-ternationally recognised qualifications, LanguageCert International ESOL.

We are a TOEIC testing centre in Ireland authorised to hold the Listening & Reading examinations.

Courses at ACET are approved for CSN funding in Sweden.  

We hold Bildungsurlaub recognitions for all eight federal states.