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Holidays and Work

Non-EEA students with Stamp 2 permission to remain are allowed to take up casual employment. They can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and up to 40 hours a week in the holidays. With effect from 1 January 2015, the dates of term time have been standardised and students with stamp 2 can only work 40 hours a week from 1st May to 31st August (4 months) and from 15th December to 15th January (1 month). Students with stamp 2A permission are not allowed to work. Full-time work means up to 40 hours per week. At all other times, a limit of 20 working hours per week applies.

Key points

  • This information applies only to non-EU/EEA students with a Stamp 2 work permission
  • There is no longer any role for holiday letters from colleges in relation to documenting student work entitlements
  • The policy setting out these standard holiday periods is online at
  • Holiday periods must be outlined in advance and presented by the student for inspection to the Immigration Officer during registration at the GNIB.
  • Holiday periods cannot exceed 1/3 of the total weeks elapsed.

From 1st October 2015, new visas for English language students on 25 week programmes will be issued for 8 months rather than 12 months. The above periods for full-time working will continue to apply within the 8 month visa period.

There will also be no change for English language students who obtain their immigration permission before 1st October 2015. The change will apply to new GNIB cards issued for English language students from 1st October.
English language students will continue to be eligible to receive two renewals (i.e. to study a total of three 25 week English courses) but all renewals after 1st October will be for an 8 month duration. The change means that new starters after 1st October will be limited to studying English for two years (3 x 8 month visas). However, students renewing their first one year visa after 1st October will be eligible to make two 8 month renewals and a student renewing after two previous one year visas will be eligible to make one 8 month renewal.

It is the responsibility of all student to visit and to familiarise themselves with the requirements prior to arrival in Ireland.

ACET Policy on Punctuality and Attendance
Regular attendance is promoted at ACET by encouraging each student to take responsibility for their own learning. Students are made aware of the incremental nature of learning and the implications for them of irregular attendance.

Attendance requirement of 85% is necessary and attendance is marked on class registers for both sessions of the morning lesson and afternoon classes.

Morning classes begin at 09.00. If students arrive at school after 09.15 or leave more than 15 minutes before the end of the lesson, they will be allowed to join, but will be marked absent.

If a student is absent for more than one class a week, they must report to the Academic Manager to explain their absence before they can attend their class. If a student is absent for five consecutive days without prior arrangement or without a medical certificate to explain their absence, the Academic Manager will arrange a time to meet them to ascertain the reason for the non-attendance. The student will be reminded of their obligations under the terms of their visa to attend a minimum of 85% of their course.

If, within 8 weeks of commencement, a student’s attendance rate approaches below 60% the student will be given a verbal warning by Academic Manager and an opportunity to discuss the possible consequences and to reiterate their obligations under the terms of their visa to attend at least 85% of their course.

If, within 16 weeks of commencement, a student’s attendance approaches below 70% then a written warning will be sent to the student. The student will again be advised to attend a meeting with the Academic Manager and they will be advised that they are at risk of being reported to GNIB, and that they need to attend the rest of their course in full.

If the student has reached a stage where it would be impossible for them to achieve 85% attendance, a second and final expulsion letter will be given to the student and they will be removed from the school register and the (GNIB) will be informed.

ACET Sick Leave Policy

All sick leave of more than two days must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. If a student presents a valid doctor’s note for a certified sick leave period, their attendance will not be reduced for the period of the doctor’s certificate. Students must contact the school at or by telephone on 021 4551661 on the first day of the sickness to inform us of the illness and the expected duration of the absence.
On return to the school, students must present a doctor’s certificate which covers the full period of the absence. Failure to follow these steps will mean that a student is absent without certification. Uncertified absences will be marked as absent from class and the student will receive a reduced attendance record.

ACET Expulsion Policy

If their conduct and/or attendance is unsatisfactory, a student will be subject to ACET’s disciplinary procedures. A serious breach of conduct can result in expulsion. Students will be given an oral warning, then a written warning and ultimately a second and final written warning. In the event of expulsion fees are not refunded.  All issues relating to expulsion policy should be addressed to Joelle Coade, Managing Director,

ACET Policy on Holidays and Breaks

Holidays must be requested in advance at the beginning of your course. All holidays must be taken over the period of a full calendar week, Monday to Friday. The school will normally close for 2 weeks Christmas holiday and this time must be considered as part of the allowed holiday period.

  • Up to eight weeks holiday time is permitted for course bookings of 25 weeks or longer (Academic Year Courses / ILEP Courses)
  • Holiday periods cannot exceed 1/3 of the already completed studied weeks, at any time.
  • No unscheduled breaks are permitted unless permission is obtained in writing from Joelle Coade. Requests of this nature will only be considered in very special circumstances such as close family bereavement.

Complaints and Grievances

Students are advised to complete our Student Complaint Form to make a complaint in writing. The Student Complaint Form can be requested at reception or by email Any complaint received will be dealt with immediately and a resolution should be reached within 2 weeks of receipt of the complaint.

End of Course Examination

Students who register for an ILEP course must register for an approved external exit examination. Students must pay the examination fee in advance of arrival. ACET will register you for the end of course exam and will discuss the examination dates and times with the student directly. Examinations are held on specific dates during the year and have closing dates which need to be adhered to.  Our Academic Manager will discuss all the examination requirements with the student within the first few weeks of the course.