Weather in Ireland


Here in Ireland, we love to talk about the weather. It is a good way to break the ice. We talk about the weather on the phone and in person. Friends and family chat about it before discussing what’s going on and what’s new. At work we talk about the weather at the start of the day. Even strangers can have a chat about the weather. It is a good idea to have some vocabulary and expressions to help you start a conversation with anyone you meet.

Common questions and responses about weather

What’s it like out? It’s better than yesterday

How’s the weather? It’s fine today

Is it raining? We haven’t had a drop of rain for weeks

What’s the temperature? It’s about 18 degrees

Beautiful day, isn’t it? It’s lovely

What’s it like outside? It’s lashing!

We also use weather words in a number of idioms

1. come rain or shine – whatever the weather/situation

2. everything under the sun – everything on earth

3. ray of sunshine – a person who brings happiness into the lives of others (can be used sarcastically to refer to someone with a gloomy

outlook on life)

4. spring cleaning – thorough house cleaning

5. spring chicken – a young person

6. to brighten up – to become more cheerful

7. to take a shine to – to develop a liking for

Have fun with these weather words!

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