The Magic of Irish Pubs

The magic of Irish pubs


Let’s start from the beginning: If you go to Ireland, you should go to an Irish pub! It’s part of their tradition and it could become an interesting, different and magnificent experience. What do I mean by saying this? It’s simple. When you enter an Irish Pub, the cosy, friendly, traditional, relaxed atmosphere just overwhelm you. No excuse, you will just feel as if you’re at home.

Now, you can say that for everybody it’s different, true. That’s why I will show you my personal experience and try to explain the significance that has for me going to the pub. Just an advertisement: I won’t specify any name because I’m here to promote the experience, not one pub in particular and I think that everyone has their own favourite pub; that’s just up to you. Come to Ireland and discover it for yourself!!


I’ve been in Cork for almost two months and it’d always been my dream to hear traditional Irish music in an Irish pub in Ireland. So, during my second week in this city I discovered a wonderful and classic pub, where I had the chance to enjoy a stunning performance by the musicians. Simply terrific! But then, thanks to a friend in school, I found out another pub where I met a lot of precious people (most of them from the band that plays there quite often).

The most special things are their innovative way of performing (open sessions so that everybody can join them and play/sing/dance along), their kindness and their always wide, cheery smile. Thanks to them I began to be less afraid and anxious before performing live in front of people and I also felt a warmth coming over my heart (actually, I ALWAYS feel like this when I go there). From that day my life has changed and, I’m not nostalgic or homesick, but I felt as if I was at home. A real home, where people accept you for what you are and without judging you, rather, everyone is there to prompt, cheer up and congratulate you, even if you just did a total mess with your performance.

I just have one month left, and a feeling of unhappiness and sadness is becoming stronger and stronger. I don’t want to go home. This experience changed me and leaved a mark in my heart. I will never forget it and I can’t wait to return there, to my real home.


I hope that with this little script I gave you an incentive to go to an Irish pub (maybe even immediately) and try to live an experience similar to mine. For someone the great part of going to the pub is that you can make new friends, just with a pint of beer between the two of you. Or just listening to the typical music, for some people is enough.

I think that everyone has to find their own pleasure in pubs, because they can give you everything you need, the only thing you have to do is to search!


In conclusion, my general advice is to always live deeply each moment, just by doing this you won’t have any regrets in life!





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