My Experience in Cork...

Isabel Maria Afonso Guizado, an ACET student recounts her experience in Cork….

“When I arrived in Cork at first I was nervous because I didn’t know anybody in this unfamiliar city. My first day was already fine because my Irish family introduced me to the city and that was very kind of them. The next day in the school I was shown all about the school. the administration team was nice with me during my work experience. they all have an understanding and helpful attitude, and assisted all of the students with their questions. On the other hand, the teachers are well-prepared but at the same time they make the classes entertaining.
My classmates were from many different countries, which is great because we could see the cultural differences between our countries and learn from it. After school we all meet up and walk a few minutes to the city centre to have a look in shops or have a coffee in the cafes or even to walk to the little parks in the city or by the River Lee. At weekends we meet up together in the bars for a drink and together we go to the disco.
Cork is a small city but it is very cosy and people are amazing because they are so friendly. There are many shops along the streets and the most important shops are on the main street. the alley streets have restaurants and pubs. What I like most is the friendly atmosphere and that everything is within walking distance.
In the beginning if you don’t know anybody, ACET offers you some events, activities and tours which is helpful and an easy way to meet people.
I don’t live in the centre but I’m 20 minutes by bus from the city centre. My host family is lovely and they make sure that I am ok at all times.
I come from Tenerife and there is a lot of cultural differences but I am open-minded and I like to try food from all around the world and to learn more about new countries, to meet new people. Over all my experience has been amazing! I didn’t miss my family and friends because I was always active and busy in Cork which I enjoyed a lot. Moreover, nowadays we can keep in contact with our relatives and friends using the internet.

Ireland has a lot of places to visit. During my visit I had four days off from school for St. Patrick’s weekend so I booked a day tour in the school to visit the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher are the most amazing cliffs in the world and during the trip we stopped in different places such as the lunar landscapes of the Burren and the Bunratty Castle dating from 1425. The next day I went to Connemara National Park near Galway. Then I spent two days in Dublin. On the 17th March it is St. Patrick’s Day which is a national holiday in Ireland. It was a great opportunity to be there on the big day for the Irish people. The parade was a spectacular procession which went across the heart of Dublin. The parade included school marching bands, giant puppets, people dancing and the crowd wore goofy green hats and festive face paint. The night before the parade my friends and I went for a drink to Temple Bar. We went in Irish pubs and we drank a pint of Guinness. There was Irish music playing and it was crowded with people from all around the world. We really enjoyed it.
I totally recommend you come to Cork and live this experience!”

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