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In class a few weeks ago, a student said that spoken English is ‘too fast’ for him to understand. It was important to let him know that he was not alone as listening comprehension is considered to be the most difficult skills to develop.




At ACET we acknowledge that although listening to English spoken slowly can help you in the early stages, you need to get used to English spoken at normal speed, too. Here are some tips ACET teachers give their students:

•Listen a little every day; don’t go a day without practising your listening.

•Remember it is not necessary to understand every word. Usually it is enough to get a general sense of what people are saying.

•Remember to concentrate on the stressed words, which usually carry the main meaning of the sentence.

•Listen to music in English; songs of all types are a great way to develop your listening skills.


•Watch films as often as you can and try not to use the subtitles. You’ll be surprised at how much you understand.

•Use audio books and graded readers with CDs. Try listening to the CD only, without reading the book.

•Get a group of friends together and have regular meetings to practise speaking and listening to each other.

•Try to expose yourself to different varieties of English which will help you get used to different accents and vocabulary. You may not know this that most English speakers are not native speakers, so try to listen to English spoken by people whose first language is not English.






Suggested sites to improve listening skills:
The most important tip of all – never give up!!

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