Creative Writing by Delia Bazzurri

This is not a fairy tale like the others …..


Everything started as a normal visit but unexpectedly all became magical, at times fabulous

and at times terrifying.

She was walking in the park, nothing suggested that soon everything would change or that an enchanted portal (or, better, a sort of portal) would appear in front of her. No, it was a normal visit in a beautiful, floral park and she was enjoying it, like everyone else.

She was strolling along the blue lake when she heard a strange noise. At first, she thought it was a chick crying desperately in search of its mother, but then she entered the forest and the more she walked, the more she could hear that clamour. Like a call. She tried to think about other things but unexpectedly she heard the sound of an old wooden door. Yes, exactly that! The squeaking that it makes while opening. She shivered. So scary and creepy. Calmly she turned but there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Could it be just her imagination? No, it was almost impossible. And so, what was it? The wind howled in the trees, the weather was changing. She accelerated her pace and found herself in front of an old house dating back to the nineteenth century. It had clearly been abandoned for a long time, the windows were dirty and from the little that she could see, the inside was full of white and thick spiderwebs. There was nobody around but she heard a chant, or better, it seemed like a man singing but it was only two words, just two words. That, moreover, didn’t mean anything, maybe it was another call?

She was afraid, quickly she ran away because all that she wanted to do in that moment was to return to her home, as fast as possible. On her way back to the exit she found herself in a deserted garden with only one possible

direction. She went up the stairs and a “new world” appeared before her eyes. There were short palms and wood chips everywhere. The atmosphere seemed very warm, there was also a little river and a small bridge that crossed the creek. At the bottom of that magical place there was an amazing waterfall. It just seemed like a jungle! Unbelievable. She turned back to see the stairs, but they had vanished. What was happening there? She walked insecurely around the place, now there wasn’t a way to exit. What to do? In the blink of an eye she saw something moving on a tiny palm, she approached it gingerly, making no noise and watched it. Oh my God, there was a little gnome, with big brown eyes staring at her. She was shocked, in a good way, but shocked. How could it be possible? Who knows. The little man smiled at her and pointed at something far from them. She looked in that direction and turned back but the gnome just disappeared, so she decided to follow the indication of the fantastic creature and went near the waterfall. She discovered a hidden gateway just under the surface of water. She went on that byway and found herself in the most magical, enchanted, fantastic, mysterious world ever! Fairyland.

There were soft-edged rocks absorbed by the greener moss and the trees let themselves fall, creating a sort of dome on her. And it seemed like the coloured flowers wanted to greet her, caressing her face with their white leaves. And then the fairies arrived shyly, with their tiny bodies and red cheeks. They were so beautiful and magnificent with pastel colours and little designs on the wings.

Then a dazzling light came through the trees. She closed her eyes and when she opened them all of it had disappeared. All that she saw in that moment was the ceiling of her bedroom.

“Just a dream.” A grin formed on her lips.


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