Cork port and morning walks

Taking an early morning stroll along Cork city port is medicine. Spending time on the river bank makes me feel more relaxed and refreshed.  While listening to relaxing noises of water I always feel more relaxed. Furthermore, research shows that by spending time by water will not only lower the stress in your life, but helps boost your immune system.

The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland.  Since 2000, the Port of Cork has invested €72 million in improving Port infrastructure and facilities. Due to its favourable location on the south coast of Ireland and its modern deepwater facilities, the Port of Cork is ideally positioned for European trading.   The Port of Cork’s growing reputation for quality service, including prompt and efficient vessel turnaround, ensures its position as a vital link in the global supply chain.


Walking along the marina in Blackrock.   When the promenade for this beautiful walk had been completed in 1870, the Gaelic poet and scholar Donncha Ó Floinn suggested to the Improvements Committee of Cork Corporation that it be named Slí na hAbhann, which means the ‘pathway by the river’. Ó Floinn’s proposal was defeated. In 1872, Ó Floinn suggested that the promenade be named ‘The Marina’. He pointed out that ‘The Marina’ was the name given to recently reclaimed land near Palermo in Sicily. In July 1872, Cork Corporation formally adopted ‘The Marina’ as the name of the new promenade.





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