ACET: Missing everyday life of Cork City

After spending time apart social distancing, and witnessing the devastation caused by the coronavirus crisis, many may  just miss simple social interactions and all the things we had going on in our lives

Whether it’s going for a cup of coffee, taking a stroll and sparking up conversations with a friendly dog owner or enjoying a meal with friends, even mundane moments of once daily routines feel like a luxury people are already eager to have back.

Since the days, weeks and months ahead are still uncertain, it is suggested people make a list and write down all the things they want to do when this is all over.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the things I miss from everyday life around ACET and look forward to taking full advantage of once again when the pandemic is in the rearview.

1. Cork Coffee Roasters






2.  Bridge Street View

3. St. Patrick’s Street                                                                                                                                            4.  St. Patrick’s Bridge   

5. Brown Thomas on St. Patrick’s Street

Aside from being able to just see family and friends in person, I really miss the warm embrace that comes with a greeting or goodbye.

While people have gotten creative with virtual happy hours and hangouts, we can all add raising a glass to our health and routines whenever those activities can resume in person.


Tips for feeling a sense of normality

Using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype to create hangouts, workouts, happy hours and birthday parties are all great options.

Check out more helpful mental health wellness tips from the World Health Organization:




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