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English is an evolving language and new words and expressions are often added and the meaning of existing words can change.
Let’s take a look at some new words and the new use of some existing words.



‘Floordrobe’ – where do you keep your clothes? In a wardrobe or a chest of drawers? Perhaps you keep your clothes are on the floor, then you have a floordrobe. There are no hangers or drawers or doors, just drop your clothes on the floor – it’s so much easier to find in the morning if you just leave them on the floordrobe!


‘Whatever’ has many functions, such as:
We can use it to mean everything or anything, for example: ‘You can have whatever you want for your birthday’
We also use it when we can’t think of the word we want or it is not important, for example: ‘you can use any colour, red, green or whatever.
However, nowadays, it is used more and more often as an exclamation to dismiss someone or show an indifferent attitude. ‘Whatever!’ By using this intonation, people stop an argument either because they know they won’t win it or they are wrong.

Use some of the sites above to look at the meaning of ‘selfie, ‘ginormous’ ‘chillaxing’ ‘newbie’ and ‘glamping’.

Do you know of any new words that you would like to tell us about? Let us know!

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