ACET: Idiom of the Day!!

Today’s idiom is Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


The meaning of this idiom is to leave a situation as it is so as not to cause problems.
The history of this idiom can date back to 1374 when Geoffray Chaucer said “It is nought good a sleeping hound wake”. However, the Celtic Druids stated before then that a good trait of a Druid was “not to disturb a sleeping animal”, meaning that a suitable druid can leave an argument be by agreeing to disagree.
You can imagine what problems you would have if you woke a very sleepy dog. So when you leave him alone, there are no difficulties.

• After having an argument with my friend, I wanted to ring her but I decided to let sleeping dogs lie.
• Tom told Anna that he didn’t like the new rules of the club and that he wanted to give his views on them. However, Anna told him to let sleeping dogs lie.
We should try and use this idiom in our own situations as life will be much easier.


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