ACET: Functional English

How to Invite Someone


When you want to invite someone, you should ask them whether they are interested in your suggestion. Some suggestions for starting:

  • Have you seen the new exhibition at the art gallery?
  • Have you been to the new Chinese restaurant in the main street?
  • Do you like swimming?
  • Can you play chess?
  • Are you interested in techno music?


If you get a positive response, you should ask them whether they are free at a particular time.

  • Are you doing anything on Saturday night?
  • Are you free tomorrow evening?
  • Have you got any plans for the weekend?
  • What are your plans for Friday afternoon?
  • Are you planning to do anything in the morning?
  • What are you going to do on Tuesday morning?


If they don’t have any plans, make your invitation:

  • Would you like to see the exhibition of modern arts?
  • Do you fancy having lunch there and going shopping afterwards?
  • What about going for a swim in the afternoon?
  • How about meeting up after school?
  • Shall we play chess on Saturday evening?
  • Let’s go to a concert at the weekend.
  • Why don’t we go out tonight?


You can expect two kinds of responses:

Accepting an Invitation

Yes, I’d love to.
That sounds great.
Yes, let’s.
I wouldn’t miss it for anything.
Great, can’t wait





Refusing an Invitation

Sorry I can’t.
I can’t I’m afraid.
I’d rather not.
That sounds great but I can’t because ………..
I’m really sorry but I can’t make it because …





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