ACET: Different ways to say Goodbye in English

We have a number of ways to say ‘goodbye’, some are informal and others are more formal. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Bye – is the standard way to say goodbye. You can use it with friends and family as well as in work situations.

Goodbye – is quite formal and we may use it when we are saying goodbye to someone we may not see again or if we are angry with someone (after an argument, for example)

Bye, bye – is often used by an adult talking to a younger child or between adults at the end of a telephone conversation

Have a good day – this expression came from USA, but is in common use here as well. We may say it to a customer, a classmate or a family member (seeing a child off to school, for example)

Take it easy – we use this expression to mean goodbye, but it also means we want the person to relax and unwind

See you later                                                                                                                  
Talk to you later
Have a good one

These are all quite informal and can be used in most situations. When we use them we appear relaxed and friendly

I’m off – is a common informal way to tell the people you are with that you are about to leave

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