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Welcome to ACET Abroad

With 45 years’ involvement in the language industry, Odile Migieu opened ACET Abroad in 2012 to promote “learning a language where it is spoken”. Learning a language abroad opens the door to different ways of thinking.  It ignites interest, not only in the chosen languages, but in cultures and ways of life.  It  changes the way you see the world! Odile guarantees you quality schools and quality programmes. She knows all the school owners, and many are her personal friends. ACET abroad guarantees a unique, high quality service with a personal touch.

Choice of languages and destinations

  • French in France: Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Rouen, Montpellier, Lyon, Biarritz and Aix en Provence
  • German in Germany: Berlin, Munich and Hamburg
  • German in Austria: Vienna
  • Spanish in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Nerja, Sevilla and Valencia
  • Spanish in Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Spanish in Chile: Santiago
  • Spanish in Ecuador: Quito
  • Italian in Italy: Rome, Milan, Florence, Trieste and Bologna
  • Italian in Sardinia: Alghero and Sassari
  • Korean in Korea: Seoul
  • Mandarin in China: Beijing and Shanghai
  • Russian in Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Japanese in Japan: Tokyo and Fukuoka
  • Portuguese in Portugal: Lisbon
  • Portuguese in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
  • Arabic in Egypt: Cairo
  • Arabic in United Arab Emirates: Dubai
  • Turkish in Turkey: Istanbul
  • Hungarian in Hungary: Budapest
  • Polish in Poland: Warsaw and Krakow
  • Czech in Czech Republic: Prague
  • Lithuanian in Lithuania: Vilnius
  • Latvian in Latvia: Riga
  • Greek in Greece: Athens
    …and many more

Wide choice of programmes

  • Courses for adults
  • Courses for professionals
  • Courses for 50+
  • Courses for language teachers
  • Courses with language and culture/activities (cooking, wine tasting, walking, arts, music and much more)
  • Language and Activity Courses for teenagers (individuals and school groups)
  • Tailor-made programmes adapted to specific needs and aptitudes
  • High School Programmes (from 6 weeks to 1 academic year)
  • Work experience/internship
  • Gap Year Programmes
  • University Programmes (students who wish to apply for degree programmes taught through English in universities throughout Europe eg Medicine, Science and Engineering)

Your Professional Service

Free Consultation Service

  • Advice on course to meet your needs and requirements
  • Advice on school type and location
  • Advice on accommodation
  • Level of language test
  • Advice on travel arrangements, airlines and airport pick-ups
  • 24/7 assistance and help

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With a wide choice of language programmes and choice of languages and destinations, ACET abroad guarantees a unique, high quality service with a personal touch. Contact us today for more information.