About Us


At ACET, we pride ourselves on being a language centre which is family-run and the ACET Team is our greatest advantage. The team creates a supportive, compassionate, and camaraderie for every student and client that steps through our doors.

Our journey began with Odile Migieu, our visionary CEO, laid the foundation with the establishment of Cork Language Centre International (CLCI) in 1975.  As ACET flourished, Odile’s husband, Pat Coade, who had been working as a quality consultant, joined the centre in 1989, enriching the school with his expertise.   Their daughter, Joelle started working in ACET in 2000, after graduating in Management and Marketing. Today,  ACET is the oldest remaining school of its type in Ireland.

In 2012, we embarked on a journey of transformation, transitioning from CLCI to Active Centre of English Training (ACET) to mirror our contemporary, forward-thinking philosophy. This was to reflect our modern, proactive and innovative philosophy.

Our long-standing experience and customer focused approach has given us a leading name for quality within the industry.  The ACET team is dedicated to refining the support we offer to our valued partners and students, priding ourselves on our adaptability, honesty and unwavering loyalty.  



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