Professional Work Experience

The professional work experience programme is designed for clients who want to improve their language skills while also gaining experience in an English-speaking workplace. ACET arranges placements with suitable companies and your clients benefit from the opportunity to improve their English and their career prospects, as well as their knowledge and experience. Trainees are placed in a company doing business that is complementary to the client planned career. The work undertaken during the period of placement is UNPAID and must be considered as educational and part of the on-going training programme.

The maximum duration is 6 weeks.

To participate in the work experience programme, clients must:

  1. Choose one of our courses, Course No.1 (20 hours per week) or Course No.2 (26 hours per week) for a minimum period of 4 weeks

ACET has developed a network of local businesses who accept international trainees. We work closely with these employers to ensure that your clients benefit from the often challenging experience of working abroad.

Clients can be placed in the following areas:

  • Tourism
  • Hotel Administration and catering
  • Retailing
  • Office Administration
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Sales
  • Media and Communication
Minimum Level B1
Starting dates
Any Monday from October to April
Course length
4 weeks tuition + 2 – 6 weeks work placement
please contact the office for prices

What our students say