ACET offers learner-centred courses to develop communication skills and learning strategies. Client progress is regularly monitored by our Academic Manager, who also provides advice and guidance whenever necessary.

ACET levels

At ACET you can study from level A1 to C2 and it generally takes 200 hours of study to advance to the next level, as indicated in the chart below. This is a guideline only and depends on many factors such as your background, intensity of your study, your age and the amount of study and exposure outside of lesson times.  If your time is limited, join the intensive course to progress 25% faster. Our objective is to ensure you improve and achieve your learning goals and while studying at ACET your progress is monitored in a number of coherent ways:


  • Weekly progress test.
  • Overall communicative competence grade.
  • End of level test.
  • Weekly can do statements.
  • One-to-one tutor feedback.
Acet Levels Diagram
Acet Levels Diagram 1Acet Levels Diagram 2Acet Levels Diagram 3
Setting learning outcomesGrammar – use of articlesSpeaking – opinions about cookingListening- for gist And contextual clues Weekly Progress Test
Reading – Information GapSpeaking – discussing pricesGrammar – countable and uncountable nounsGrammar – much and manyDecentralised feedback
Informal Discussion - Shopping in your townListening – understanding main pointsVocabulary –plural nounsCommunication Activity Are you a shopaholic?Learner Welfare- review progress and negotiation of Can Do statements
Vocabulary – Shopping Learning Strategies – how
to increase you specific vocabulary
Writing Skills – Writing a postcardCultural Awareness – Country ProfilesDVD – Jamie Oliver/Slow FoodSong – Skyfall – articles and word order
Pronunciation – weak and strong soundsFunction – Opinions and Suggestions
Reading – comprehension
Setting learning outcomesGrammar – use of formsSpeaking – negotiation Planning a HolidayListening to media recordings – use of futuresWeekly Progress Test
Reading Skills – Reading for InformationSpeaking Practice – discussing plansGrammar - review of future forms (quiz)Communication Activity – Round the World in 100 DaysLearner Welfare- review progress and negotiation of Can Do statements
Vocabulary Range and Control – AccommodationListening to Native Speakers – making arrangementsVocabulary - Collocations Make and DoPrepositions of placeDVD – Travel to Bhutan
Learning Strategies – recording vocabularyWriting Skills – Giving news in an emailCultural Awareness – ‘Culture Shock’Speaking – Sustained Monologue – Travelling ExperienceIWB –

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