Irish Prime Minister visits ACET

ACET Michael Martin

ACET received a visit from the Irish Prime Minister, Micháel Martin today in a bid to show support to local Educational establishments.⁠

As he looked around the language school he praised teachers and support staff for their hard work in keeping the school going during these difficult times.⁠

Unfortunately, ACET has been greatly impacted during the pandemic. For huge portions of the global population English is a valuable commodity and Ireland is excellently placed to provide this, and our teaching expertise is highly regarded. The size and importance of our industry in terms of employment, huge tourism revenue, the host family economy etc needs to be recognised.

We have implemented all the protocols as outlined by the HSE & Department of Education. Our first priority remains to be open safely and to prevent Covid19 from coming into the school. A safe environment can only be made possible with continued commitment of students and staff to adhering to public health guidance at all times, not just during school hours.

ACET is fully committed to ensuring that students enjoy their school experience and the maintenance of as much normality as possible.

This is the 3rd Prime Minister to visit ACET over the years. In 1997 Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern and Minister of Education, Micháel Martin.

In 2015, the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny also visited the school. ⁠

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