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ACET is a teacher training centre approved by the Irish Department of Education and has over 45 years of experience in teacher training

Our team of dedicated teacher trainers focuses on practical ideas and techniques in the language classroom and participants are given the opportunity to thoroughly examine developments in language teaching

Participants are introduced to Irish Life and Culture through a series of lectures, visits and excursions

OID Number:  E10021333

PIC Number:  945143169


Monday – Friday & 2 Cultural afternoons

Hours per week

20 tuition hours & 2 cultural afternoons

Group size

8 – 10 (Maximum 15)

Starting dates

11 April, 3 July, 18 September, 23 October, 4 December 2023
Course length 2 weeks / 1 week
Course Reference:        21st Century Skills / Practical Methodology & English Language Development for Teachers

The 21st Century Skills / Practical Methodology & English Language Development for Teacher Courses are designed for non-native teachers of English (Secondary Teachers) who wish to improve their professional skills in practical methodology and English language development.

Course Objectives:

Practical Teaching Methodology

Language awareness and analysis

Classroom management and lesson planning

Changing realities of Education

Current Issues in practical methodology, materials evaluation, adapting & designing activities and development

Use of authentic material, games and technology using online resources in the classroom

Finding ways to challenge students

Exploring ways of checking understanding

Course Reference:          Environmental Studies Through Language Teaching

The Environmental Studies Through Language Learning Course aims to prepare teachers about global issues in their teaching.

Course objectives:

Including significant global challenges in teaching content

Creating and using inspiring learning environments that motivate students to take action for sustainability

How to encourage student-centred and action-based learning programs for students

Working collaboratively

Competencies of critical thinking, systems thinking

Creativity and innovation

Taking responsibility within and across generations


 Course Reference:            Culture in the English Speaking World in the Classroom


The aim of the course is to improve participants’ command of English for the classroom and to identify the principles of effective practice in CLIL.

Course objectives:

Explore methodology and material in practical ways appropriate to CLIL

Raise language awareness and linguistic competence

Explore key issues of syllabus design

Develop classroom management skills for CLIL classroom

Develop assessment procedures

Course Reference:                How to Teach Spoken English

The course aims to provide participants with insights into the way the English language operates in contexts. Classroom implications will be examined at length.

Course objectives:

What are the main differences between written and spoken English?

What is fluency? How do we teach fluency?

Explore key role of Discourse Markers / little words that count

Integration of fluent expression and spoken grammar

Keeping up to date with changes in English eg: Language use among young people 

Course Reference:           Practical Ideas for Teaching Higher Level Learners (Secondary School Teachers)

This course is suitable for Secondary school teachers, who teach B1+ levels.  The course is a methodology course including a language improvement element. 

Course objectives:

How to create a motivated student group

Using authentic materials

Blended learning and using online resources

Using challenging & short course materials

Language & its relation to culture and identity

Integration of fluent expression and spoken grammar

Practical classroom applications, having fun with English 

Course Reference:             English Language Update for Teachers at C1 Level


This course is suitable for Secondary school teachers, who teach C1+ levels.  The course is a language Course.   

Course objectives:

Revisiting & building lexical & grammatical areas

English phonology

Using authentic materials

Building confidence in listening to spoken English

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Online Courses for Overseas Teachers of English Detach
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