A day in the life of a Student at ACET!!

ACET Gerard

Past student: Gerard Lopez

I’m Gerard Lopez and I’m from Barcelona. This is my first experience studying abroad.

My first impression of the city was like the scene of a film. A whole new environment. New homes, new streets, new people and neighbourhoods. Altogether, Cork is a magical town.

ACET School was easy to find right in the city centre. My host my family showed the way on the first morning. I am grateful for the hospitality of my host family and for what they have taught me. I hope to contact and meet them again when I come back to visit Cork with my family.

Being back in a school room again made me nervous but everyone in the room actually wanted to be there and learn. That was the difference!

In ACET we have to speak English all of the time. At the break time, in the corridors and in the coffee room – everywhere!! That was the best thing about the faculty. The teachers and staff were patient listeners.

Cork offers many beautiful places to visit. I took so many pictures. There are museums, theatres, churches and endless magical places to visit – if you have the time of course! I saw Blarney Castle, the town of Cobh and the former prison Cork Gaol. I played on the golf courses with my host father.

The nightlife is very different to Barcelona because here the concept of disco is just music bars and the party ends at 2am. I’m from Barcelona and I’m used to partying. The nightlife is different in Cork but also in a good way!

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